Bicycle building…

I’ve been building bicycles. Now that I’m fat, slow, and with some measure of discretionary income, I’m building the bikes that I always wanted when I was young, fast, and weighed 165 pounds.

1996 Cinelli Supercorsa

First in line, my Cinelli Supercorsa. It’s a 1996 and a bit past the heady days of Cinelli glory, but the essence of the frame is still the same: Chrome lugged Columbus steel with a buttery ride. As I wanted an everyday rider, this bike presented a bit of a quandary. How should I build a classic Italian bike with modern components when Campagnolo’s top gruppos are all carbon and black?

After looking for 2006 Campagnolo Record in alloy, I finally found a crankset to go with the NOS Delta Brakes, but was unable to find the rest of the drivetrain to match. Angrily, I selected a new SRAM Rival group. I’ve since found it a superb set of components, well-finished and well-made. Perfect for the bike, although it may lose a few points for it’s Yankee/Deutsch origins. In addition, though I could have pieced together a pair of 10-speed Campagnolo downtube shifters from new bar ends and an old mount, I opted to keep the DoubleTap shifters. Glad I did. I’m pretty much in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of these shifters. I’ve since ordered a pair of Force levers for another build, just because they’re SO good.
That’s a matching Nitto bar/stem/seatpost set. Was unhappy with the Cinelli stuff I had around, so I found something as pretty to tide me over. Yes, I know it’s sacrilege, but something had to be done to make the machine rideable and safe. The saddle is a Specialized Toupe Team. Not too sure how I feel about it so far. I’ve found it a great saddle for <2 hours, but at around 2h30m or so, things start falling asleep. It may require simply more time in the saddle to overcome, but I have a Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow and a couple of Brooks that may end up replacing it in the long term. The wheels in this photo are my heavies: Velocity Deep V's in red. I have Easton EA90SL's for the bike, too, as well as Speedcific Niobiums for my Powertap SL 2.4. I chose this particular set for the photo, as I really like the red-on-red for it's overwhelming color. I have a red Vitus 979 with red Mavic Heliums, too. Everyone knows that red is faster, right?

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