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1985 Vitus 979

Hanging over my piano, I’ve my 1985 Vitus 979. I built this bike up as new-old-stock with a Mavic component group. Currently, I have a more-correct front derailleur, but don’t have it in the size I need to replace the slightly older model on the bike. The wheels are a bit more current than the group (they’re Mavic Heliums from the 90’s with new Bontrager RaceXLites), but I liked the color so much that I had to put them on. Obviously, I have a thing about red. The bars and stem are Cinelli–not too incorrect, but I’m still on the lookout for the perfect Mavic stem for the combination. Still waiting on the perfect Mavic headset, too. The worst offense from a period-correct standpoint is the seatpost and saddle. American Classic and Specialized Avatar shown here. Vitus seatposts are floating around, as are NOS vintage saddles, but I’ve been too lazy to buy them, I suppose. The bike, when ridden is generally setup for 6-speed with period-correct Mavic hubs and Araya rims, though the Mavic shifters are index all around and will handle the 8-speed cassette shown here.

This illustrates the problem for some of us who want to build a classic bike but still have a few of the modern improvements available–better saddles, better shifting, better wheels. Do you have a museum piece or a rider? Which will it be, and how much crap will the Classic and Vintage people give you for building the latter?

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