Urs Zimmerman’s 1990 Eddy Merckx 7-Eleven

Sigh. I’ve wanted one of these for my entire cycling life. Now that I’ve got one, I’m just in pain to see what the last owner has done to it.

More later. This makes me so….disappointed in people. Such waste.

Merckx Headtube Decal7 Eleven Team DecalHead Tube rust and Urs Zimmerman DecalWhole FrameBottom BracketRight Drop OutSeat Tube rustCranksetBottle Cage

Well, it’s cleaning up a little better than I had thought. It’s stripped except for headset and bottom bracket, and I’ve wiped it off a bit, though nothing serious has really been done. No sign of cracks, though the paint has taken a beating. The headset has been replaced with something cheap–Shimano RX100, it appears. The bottom bracket may well be original, as is the crank, as they’re both period-correct (BB-7400 and FC-7402, respectively). I think I have the original saddle and seatpost, too. It’s a Cinelli Volare in pretty bad shape, but the seatpost is a fluted Dura Ace of the correct period. Stem and bars look original, too: Cinelli Campione del Mondo and pantographed Cinelli stem (is this the XA? It has the deeper “throat” at the bar clamp.)

I’ve contacted Merckx bicycles for information on this frame. Here’s hoping for some interesting information!

Stripped and a little cleaner

3 thoughts on “Urs Zimmerman’s 1990 Eddy Merckx 7-Eleven

  1. Hello!
    just looking at the Mercx/ Columbus frame.
    The lugwork on it looks like a classic bit of Raleigh design to me.

    If you look at my BSA ( http://www.sunbeamland.co.uk/photos/05-05-08_1442.jpg & http://www.sunbeamland.co.uk/photos/05-05-08_1344.jpg), from the standard square taper bottom bracket spindle and lugwork and seatstays and rear forks it looks very Raleigh. The Raleighs used Reynolds Tubing/ TI though, not Columbus.



  2. Hello and congratulations on the genuine 7-11 team bike project!
    I have aquired the sister bike to the one you have as it was ordered in the very first lot of 7-11 team bikes from the Merckx factory in early 1988 and delivered in september 1988. My bike has the identical corse frame with red flat top forks and columbus logos, with the wolber decals on the side of each seat stay like your own bike. The bikes were equipped with wolber aero wheels with hutchinsinson team sew-up tires, shimano durace 7400 components.
    My bike was issued to Bob Roll himself, has his name on the left side, team logo on the right side. The bike is amazingly original down to the avocet team seat with yellow lettering, and 7-11 team stickers on the wheels, team cinelli bar wrap. Let me know if you still have your bike.

    • I do! Unfortunately, the bike was not treated well by its prior owner, and was saddled with a mix of components that were not specced for the team. I have acquired NOS Dura Ace 7400 components and assorted bits over the years and have intended to build up the frame as the team rode it, but it’s a project that just hasn’t been completed. If you’re interested and ever take off your fork, you should ALSO find that the factory wrote the frame size and rider on the fork steerer tube in pencil, as well as painted the rider’s initials on the left side chain stay in white.

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