SOLD: Classic Framesets

So, I’ve finally found the bikes of my dreams, and the rest of these are just languishing away, unridden. My wife, with her own special way, has convinced me that they will be much happier, more-fulfilled bicycles if they are in someone else’s hands. Thus, with no small measure of regret, I introduce my “Frames for Sale” listing.

1985 Vitus 979, 59cm, Almost NOS

First off, a treasure of a Vitus.

This is a 1985 Vitus 979 frame and fork, with headset and seatpost. As you know, Sean Kelly won a pile of victories on these things. I didn’t win squat on this one, as it was purchased new-old-stock in 2004 or so, and hung on the wall with a Mavic group on it as an objet d’art. Yes, it is a bonded aluminum frame and no, the rumors about catastrophic disassembly are just not true, no matter what you heard happened to a “friend of a friend.” These frames are all-aluminum, heated, then bonded together with an adhesive in their lugs. Like most lugged frames, any problems with the bonds become apparent through rattles and other giveaways long before disintegration. I even have the number and address of a guy who’ll take it apart and re-bond it if you’re just freaked out at the prospect.

It’s a bit of a noodle to sprint on, but this translates to serious comfort over the long haul. I’ve rarely found a bike more comfortable; it’s right up there with my Moots Ti and my Kirk Terraplane. Plus, you’ll garner just as many comments and stares about the “cool bike.”

Again, this is:
* 1985 Vitus 979 aluminum frame and fork, 59cm seat-tube (c-to-c), 57.5cm top-tube (c-to-c)
* Ritchey Logic headset
* American Classic 25.0mm seatpost
* 68mm (English) bottom bracket
* anodized red with Mavic decals (easily removable if desired)

SOLD! You can purchase this rare, almost-never-ridden (about 100 miles on it) Vitus 979 for $350, plus shipping. SOLD!








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