SOLD! 1995 Cinelli Super Corsa 58cm

UPDATE: The Cinelli, against my better judgment, was sold. (Thanks, Derek!) If anyone has a Super Corsa with a 58.5 or 59.0cm top-tube–the older the better–I’m certainly open to purchasing another one!

And the second classic sales item:

This is a 1995 Cinelli Super Corsa frame and fork, including a Campagnolo Record Headset. The color is Rosso Ferrari (my favorite). Most people know the Cinelli Super Corsa as one of the stalwarts of classic Italian bicycles. In a world dominated by carbon and aluminum, Columbus-owned maker Cinelli still makes the Super Corsa with lugs and steel, the way fine Italian bikes have been made for years.

If you like steel bikes, this is a steel bike that is guaranteed to please you. It’s fine for racing, riding, or just looking at. There are few things in the cycling world prettier. I have experienced few better rides than those I took with this bicycle. It was my dream bike when I bought it, and it continues to hold my heart and eye as the pinnacle of Italian cycling.

Mine has been ridden a bit. I am not the original owner, and received the bike with a few cosmetic blemishes that have been touched up. There’s nothing startlingly wrong with the bike (see the photos), but a few spots have received touch-up paint. There is no rust on the frame, inside or out.

I am selling this simply to make room for the bikes I’m keeping, at the behest of my dear spouse. This frame is, unfortunately, just too small for me, so I must make room for one with a 59 or 59.5 top-tube.

This is:
* 1995 Cinelli Super Corsa frame and fork
* 58cm seat-tube (c-to-c), 57cm top-tube (c-to-c)
* Made of Columbus Neuron steel
* chromed lugs, seat stays, chain stays, and fork crown
* traditional fastback-style seat stays
* non-original seatpost bolt on one side (don’t know why, but this one is fine)
* includes Campagnolo Record headset in all-alloy
* includes down-tube cable stops (Shimano) if you want to install modern lever/shifter combo
* requires 70mm Italian bottom bracket

Photos show the frame built and unbuilt. The name decal shown has been removed with no damage to the paint.



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