FOR SALE: 1961 Carlton Franco-Suisse Custom

UPDATE: I’m not sure why I haven’t written anything here, but this bicycle is for sale. It’s a 1961 Carlton Franco-Suisse, described as a touring bicycle, but a nice long-rider for day trips or the Eroica-type rider. I purchased this as a favor to the original owner, the brother of a very close friend. This bike was ordered as a custom in Lakeland, Florida in 1961 and is all-original except for some new tape, saddle, and “day-to-day” steel clincher wheels. I do have the original saddle (Brooks B17) and wheels (tubular with Campy hubs) which will be included with the bike.

It’s about a 62cm frame, if I recall. So it’s definitely for the larger rider or collector.

Please feel free to contact me with offers or comments.





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