I’m reconsidering my interest in mountain biking

Yes, it’s true. I’m not so sure that I really want to be a mountain biker, not really. Why? Because I suck at it, and life’s too short to do absolutely everything.

I mean, I really suck. Case in point, the Florida Series Race #3, held yesterday in Tallahassee. Here’s a highlight of my ride:

Michael’s Race Highlight

Get the picture?

I’m riding along, and one of the guys from the following wave comes up and yells “rider back.” He closes on me pretty quickly (because I suck) and asks to pass, which I decide to allow. I respond, “I hear ya. You ready to pass?”, and then “okay,” at which my tire–having magically heard my desire to move aside–comes up with designs of its own.

Anyway, that sucked. Not much point in entering races for 3 miles and a crash. I’m sticking to trail riding with the Pugsley from here out, with NO racing!

Now the ROAD, that’s another matter….

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