FOR SALE: 19″ Cinelli Soft Machine hardtail MTB with extra wheels

For Sale – 19” Cinelli Soft Machine hardtail MTB and Extra Wheels

Cinelli Softmachine 2

I’ve tried mountain bike racing and as an old roadie at heart, I don’t think I’m going to learn the technical skills it takes to be good at it. This means I have an extra mountain bike, my ultra-light Cinelli hardtail.

This is an Italian-built XC racing frame in Ferrari Rosso with white/black decals. This bike has been ridden about 3 times for a total of about 20 miles. Most of the time, I ride a Surly Pugsley. It was built up on a whim as part of another deal with an LBS-owner friend, and then hung on a rack and never used. It is beautiful to look at (“the sexiest bike in town” according to a friend) and even better to ride. A warning, it is STIFF and LIGHT, around 21 pounds. In fact, I think it’s a little TOO light for me; getting on it after riding a Pugsley kinda freaks me out. It’s built for XC speed, first and foremost, and it’ll go where you point it.

It includes:
• 18” Cinelli Soft Machine hardtail aluminum frame with disc and v-brake mounts
• Fox F80 fork (80mm) with v-brake mounts
• Thomson stem and post
• Shimano Deore XT drivetrain
• Avid Single-Digit 7 v-brakes
• Easton Monkey Lite bars (never cut)
• Oury grips
• Mavic CrossMax ceramic wheels, v-brake only (two sets, one with Kenda Small-block Eight tires and the other with Specialized Roll-Ex tires, both set up tubeless with Stan’s)
• Time ATAC XC pedals
• Specialized Toupe saddle in black/red
• If you’re interested, I have a pair of “around town” Sun wheels with Kenda Tomac tires, too. These have tubes. These are free with purchase, you just pay to ship ‘em.

I’d like to sell everything here as a set. This will set you up with a super-nice XC racer with extras that you’d have to buy for much, much more. It’s all spotless, too. I’ve just got more toys than I have the time or the inclination to play with.

Again, $1800 plus shipping for the whole shebang.

Cinelli Softmachine Port SideCinelli Softmachine Rear Detail

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