A Request…Don Rickles for a Friend

EDIT: I should probably mention that this was written to get around posting issues on a forum. Even though the particular rules of this forum are pretty loose as far as far as adult humor is concerned, this was considered “odd” by one of the moderators, who apparently neglected to read the entire thread wherein I was requested to “give my best Don Rickles” by the target of these quips. Since I’m sucking all the fun and humor out of them, I might as well get an apology out of the way, too. I really like Richie. He’s a great guy and he builds great bikes.

Richie says he’s stopped taking orders, but I don’t think he’s told his boyfriend.

Nah, I don’t think he’s gay, but that earring he wears is the result of an accident with a box of headtube badges and a gerbil. And I don’t think that’s the only big lug he’s ever cut.

Really, listen closely to his voice on the DVD. Who knew his idea of “inert gas” was strictly helium?

He’d have had a better cross season if he could’ve figured out how to pedal faster with an erection.

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