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Sitting here, ready to blog, and like most bloggers, I don’t really have anything to say. I’ll touch on a few things:

Random List of Awesomeness
1. Richard Sachs
Although I don’t know him know him, I’ve been acquainted with ERichie for a couple of years, and have become a little more so since becoming one of his final new customers last Summer. Since that time, he’s been nothing if not responsive, approachable, and generally cool, even when faced with my abominable Don Rickles imitation last week. (Thanks for the hat, by the way.) The guy is just too cool and laden with the conviction and courage to build bikes and support cycling. I’m proud to know him even in the creepy-Internet-groupie-way that I do. (Richard Sachs Cycles)

2. Bike fitters
I had two bike fittings this week; one from Ed at Sunshine Cycles, and one from Roger at Higher Ground (my favorite LBS). Both of them are certified–Ed by Serotta and Roger by Specialized. Both of them spent way too much time with me and didn’t charge me nearly enough. (You KNOW I’m a pain in the ass. How do they make money at this?) I highly recommend both of them for some real insight into your cycling position, even if you’ve been riding twenty years and think you know everything. Both provided some ideas that were worth more than the price of admission. Take your bike and go ride it for them. They will touch you and ask you weird questions. You’ll willbe a much happier cyclist afterward.

3. Ben Farver and Argonaut Cycles
Ben has a nice set of Columbus MAX tubes that he’s sticking together for me in some resemblance to a bicycle. And yes, given my geometry requirements, that’s an accurate description. Ben’s is young and far cooler than I can ever hope to be, but he’s making my giant-butt a kick-butt bike. I told him I to “Think Ardennes. Think shitty weather and even shittier roads.” He thought that was a great idea, which, considering my shape, casts some doubt to his sanity. Still, he’s too cool to say I’m crazy and to tell me to go get a recumbent. Check out his stuff and buy something too-cool for you, too.
Columbus MAX on the workbench
Columbus MAX on the workbench - 2
To quote a Serotta-forum reader, “Looks like those stays were run over by the UPS truck.”

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