It’s SPRING…kinda…

Had the first OFFICIAL ride of daylight savings time today, only about 25 miles in the mid-morning. I had intended to get out a little earlier, but chronic disorganization has a way of striking me if I don’t get it all together the night before.

I even dressed for the occasion, with race wheels and full Old Fart kit. I should probably get a photo of that.

Although there’s still a bit of brown, the North Florida canopy roads were perfect. It won’t be long before they’re yellow-green with new growth and TONS of pollen.
Springtime canopy road

The wind was a bit stiff in places, but the temperatures were definitely warmer. A few flowers are beating the April rushSpringtime trees
Springtime flowers

My ride was, unfortunately, a solo. My great mood only tempered by the idea of my kids at home with strep throat. Thus, only a short one today before heading home to help the wife.

Oh, I’ve updated my 2009 Spring Fling Sale page with some new info! Check it out and buy something!

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