I am lazy. Thus, I have another list for you. Instead of numbering this one, I’m going to make it a sidebar-like entry, a sort of “USA Today” blog entry that simply vomits up useless factoids. I will probably elaborate at some point on all of them, but this gets the ball rolling and keeps my blog off the list of long-dead blog wannabes.

Sean Burke
Sean is a cycling coach. He’s my coach. You see, I’ve decided that I need some motivation when it comes to doing what’s right and good and useful in my cycling. Although I certainly know what’s right and good and useful, I’m too damned lazy to actually do it unless I’m spending money on it. Call it stupid, I call it motivation. Thus, I’m going to be bringing the pain this season, and all you Tallahassee cyclists can come out and experience it. Or, rather, you can sit back and watch me open up the whoop-ass and simply pour it on myself. Hey, just because I talk trash doesn’t mean I’m delusional.

Argonaut Cycles
Just what I needed, another bicycle. This one is custom for me, baby! After all those frames, I’ve got my size down and measured and cut into steel. This steel happens to be Columbus MAX, a hefty steel for the hefty Belgian steed. I’m thinking Paris-Roubaix. Check out those dropouts! Ben Farver is the shizzle for reals. Any ideas for the color?

Surly Pugsley
Took the Pug out for a ride last week and fell in love with it all over again. Why don’t I do more mountain biking? The Pugsley handles the North Florida sand pit with aplomb, floating across then disdainfully turning up its nose. Big roots, messy terrain—it’s all cake. Of course, it’s also battleship-heavy. It’s not Walmart-bike heavy—hey, nothing that heavy in my stable—but it’s no Superfly. But, then, who cares? I will simply squash any deriders beneath my massive treads.

Six Gap
Six Gap Century registration opened Monday. I registered Monday. No, there’s no particular honor in doing so. It’s certainly not a battleground for registration. I’m just excited. Well, actually, I’m scared out of my gourd. Six Gap is hard, damn hard. And I’m a fat, silly man to want to go back. Still, here I am, all registered-up and rarin’ to go. Throw this on top of the coaching and I should have a little more motivation this year.

That’s my current weight. Yes, not two thirty-anything, but two-twenty-nine. Point eight. I have a scale that shows tenths and the point eight is part of it. Still, it’s two-twenty…

Justin Spinelli
Justin is a bad ass racer boy who has opened Svelte Cycles. He knows his stuff. He “gets it” to quote a favorite from the online forum Velocipede Salon. I recommend all of you who want to “get it” too, go buy something from Justin. Maybe some wheels. Maybe you should just watch him tape bars. Yeah, that’s the stuff. Justin is aces.

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