Spring Centuries

Blue Line Century 2009
Rode Dave Northway’s fabulous Blue Line Century on Sunday. Well, I rode the metric part of it. It’s a well-supported charity ride north of Tallahassee, in the rolling hills of North Florida and South Georgia. All the proceeds go to the Police Unity Fund, so it was a few dollars well-spent to ride an area I generally ride anyway, but with a bit more food.

After several days of thunderstorms, Sunday was bright and clear and cold. I rolled out at 8am in a full jacket, instead of arm warmers and base layer. I am glad I did. Although the sun was out, once the coolness burned off the morning, the wind kicked up and made the ride a bit cool for comfort again. I don’t own much Pearl Izumi, but the wind shell I had was plenty to keep me comfortable while taking pulls into the teeth of the gale. I exaggerate a bit. It wasn’t quite a gale, but it wasn’t a pleasant summer zephyr, wafting aloft dreams and gulls, either.

Tara, Tyler, Marcus and I had a good ride, stopping most everywhere we could or wanted to. I overindulged in water and coffee, thus I was stopping a bit more frequently. This yielded the description of a new workout, the piss interval, wherein you repeatedly stop to pee, then chase your group. A bladder-control product was suggested. It was also strongly suggested that a liter of water and a 24-ounce “Supercharged” coffee from Circle K is not an appropriate pre-ride meal. As I was in-character, I wore the coveted Old Fart kit.

Michael wearing the Old Fart kit

I rode the Moots with Mavic Cosmic Carbone Pro tubulars. It rode well. I was not surprised to see that I had not setup my SRM properly, so that it reported I was well within the power output range of a Tour de France contender. (Hey, I’m claiming it. Machines never lie.) Also, even thought the Cosmic Carbone is a stiff wheel, it is not stiff enough for a 230 pound Tour de France contender on a hill. Thus, they’re for sale. It appears the ability to flex the rear wheel so much that your speed sensor magnet disengages is not a benefit, even if it makes you appear to have massive legs and even more massive speed. Again, they’re for sale.

Tara, Tyler, and Marcus thugging around Gadsden County, Florida. The streets are NOT safe!

I saw a “rabbit” ahead of us as we turned onto 90, and, the ride almost done, took off after him. I was very happy to catch him and move off a minute or so. This was a big improvement over last year’s horrible bonk-fest slog over the hills on US 90. I won’t embarrass the guy, but suffice it to say he should have been embarrassed to have been overtaken by me. I mean–really.

We finished up the ride with three hours and change for about 60 miles, a nice easy pace for the early-season. It was great to get in a good ride with good friends. I’ll give it a month before they’re trying to blow my doors off on every ride, if only to escape the sight of me in the red Castelli bib.

Thanks, Dave and the local bacon for the great ride!

Cheaha Challenge
It seems I will be putting in an appearance at the Cheaha Challenge, a nice warmup to the Six Gap style century. Hopefully, Jamie will also be putting in an appearance (and a little bit of cash for gas and hotel room), as I have properly attempted to persuade him. You will want to come by and get his autograph, for sure. He is the world’s greatest cyclist and the only living relative of Mr. Clean. You will know him by his purple shorts. Be sure to comment on them.

See you there!