Training, as it were…

For some damn-fool reason, I’ve decided to engage the talents of Sean Burke, a professional trainer and a very patient man, to aid me in attaining my cycling goals this year. As my old college roommate, Glen, says, “I’ve hired a conscience.”

You’d think it’d be pretty easy, considering my chief goal is “finish Six-Gap,” but the levels of laziness I can attain and the amount of mental effort I can expend to rationalize why I shouldn’t be riding are both high hurdles to clear. Luckily, Sean’s in San Diego and he’s not forced to contend with my lies first-hand. The email and online logs buffer him somewhat, else he’d be overcome.

The first two weeks, I actually tried to do what Sean says. This means I’ve been training. This also means I’ve been lurching around on a bicycle while wheezing and snorting and generally being a nuisance. Then, last week happened. I got in the hard workout, then everything simply fell apart. Exams, then sick kids, then sick me, then a weekend trip, then more sick. This has sucked. This means I’m wasting money, irritating my coach as well as myself.

This weekend will be the first test of the new me. I’m off to the Cheaha Challenge. A bit of a test, really, to see if what I’m doing is right and if September’s Six Gap will be better this year. More about this Monday.