Checkpoint: Week ONE

Set a goal to ride 5 of 7 days, this week, and DIDN’T make it. But I learned a lesson about late afternoon thunderstorms and procrastination. Monday night and Tuesday night were a wash…the thunderstorms set in and stayed resident until bedtime. I figured it would be okay; I’d make it up at the end of the week. Wednesday and Thursday were good, but then Friday night, I got home with lots to do…eat supper, get my son from the gym…I decided I’d ride with lights, after supper. Of course, the thunderstorm set in during supper. So, I missed my goal because of ONE night of procrastination. Basically, RIDE WHEN YOU CAN, you may not get another chance.

I DID ride four days, this week, a total of 42.8 miles over 3 hours, 17 minutes. Pretty slow, but HEY, it’s SOMETHING after a whole LOT of NOTHING.

I will be starting some power-based training today, beginning with an FTP test. I’ll be doing Bill Darrah’s abbreviated 20-min test, using a 95% of the average wattage over the 20 mins. This will, hopefully, establish the first baseline against which I can compare future tests, every four weeks or so. I will, additionally, be completing 1-hour FTP testing on occasion, as it is what I am most comfortable with and can use to check FTP derived by the shorter test. To be honest, though, I don’t exactly relish the idea of a 1-hour full-effort test right now. Yeah, I’m still lazy.

I am still fat, too, tipping the scales at 245.0 this morning. Having been so successful with my reduced-carbohydrate diet over the past year, I have turned up the burners on it and am back to an initial-phase diet (<25g carbohydrates per day). I am hoping that my natural weight plateau at 240 pounds will be passed through the combination of diet and increased exercise, though I must admit to some fear concerning the future of my weight and my performance on the bike. When I make it to Six Gap, next year, will I be able to maintain the low-carbohydrate diet and still ride? I don't think I want to fall back to a diet of energy drinks and gel, but riding with a pocket full of venison jerky seems a little...bizarre. Anyone have any suggestions?

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