Still riding and setting goals

Riding on the trainer, that is!

October 17th, my father passed away unexpectedly. I kept riding, intermittently, through the following months, but it was difficult to find the motivation or the focus to train effectively. I don’t think there was anything particularly wrong with me, but the depression that set in after his loss, coupled with the assumption of quite a few new responsibilities, left me cold for cycling. It was a period of soul-searching.

But surprisingly, I find myself with new-found confidence. I have goals: completing some musical compositions, achieving a successful pecan harvest, improving the profits in my business, and more. And bicycling and health goals are a part of it, too:

1) I have set upon a 12-week power training and weight program using a Wahoo Kickr trainer to replace the problematic Computrainer.
2) I will be completing FOUR major climbing rides this year, including Mt. Cheaha Challenge (May 17), Blood Sweat and Gears (June 27), and Six Gap Century (TBA). I am still considering the fourth ride.
3) I will ride at a weight of 215 pounds by September 2015.
4) I will sell a majority of the bikes I own, paring down the stable to a healthy number of bike that are regularly ridden. Stay posted for the listings; they ARE coming!
5) I will have FUN!

This is doable stuff, even for a fat and slow 45-year-old. Feel free to give me crap about it if you see me eating fries.

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