Tales of the Stupid, Part Fifteen

So, I’m installing an 11-speed cassette on a pair of Mavic 125s. I am on auto-pilot, opening the box, stacking the cassette and getting on with things. I put on the lock ring, drop a tool on it and tighten it down, and notice an awful lot of play in between the last three cogs.

“Hmmmmm…,” I think and I examine the cassette. “There’s not USUALLY a spacer in an 11-speed, but this one sure needs one.”

I remove the cassette and drop in the spacer. Now, the last cog is clearly standing OFF the body. That’s NOT right.

I call my buddy Marcus at Higher Ground. He hasn’t seen this before. Neither has Tyler.

I get off the phone and think, “I should probably count those cogs.”

Sure enough, it’s a 10-speed cassette in an 11-speed box. I count the cogs again. Still 10-speed. And the box is CLEARLY labeled Shimano CS-6800. It’s the RIGHT box.

I call Marcus back and tell him.

“Yeah,” he said, “Tyler and I thought about it right after you got off the phone. It’s probably a 10-speed.”

To use his word, it sure was JANKY that I received a new 10-speed cassette in an 11-speed box. How did I not notice that the cassette was awfully heavy and shiny in the first place!? Dammit. Who would do such a thing!?

THEN, I remembered where the box came from….

I purchased a Wahoo Kickr and an 11-speed cassette a month ago from Colorado Cyclist. The Kickr ships with a 10-speed cassette, and, knowing what I had purchased the Kickr for, they had already opened up the unit and INSTALLED the 11-speed cassette for me, enclosing the 10-speed in the leftover box. I’ve been riding the Kickr for weeks without ONCE thinking, “Hey…how is my 11-speed group working so well with this 10-speed cassette?”

So, it wasn’t janky at ALL. Colorado Cyclist is AWESOME and looking out for me.

I’m just stooooopid.

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