Base-building Week FOUR: Ow. Ow. Ow.

Good thing it’s a rest week in my 12-week base and strength building training plan, because I can barely walk. You see, “rest weeks” on the bike correspond to “hypertrophy/heavy weeks” in the weight room. And yesterday’s workout included dumbbell-lunges down the hall and back. And I have a long hall (about 13 lunges one-way). And I’m overzealous about heavy weights with leg exercises. And I did three sets of them.

So, after crawling to the shower this morning, I regained enough mobility to lean against the wall and work the kinks out of my hamstrings. I thought I’d been working them well, but once again, the nature of large muscle-group exercises came back to bite me and to leave me lurching out of chairs. But, at least all this tension in my legs LOOKS cool.

I’m looking forward to the installation of the Precor AMT 835 in my office next week. I don’t have a lot of options for cross-training (My old joke is, “if you see me running, then you’d better turn and run, too!”), so the adaptive motion “Open Stride” of the AMT will give me everything from stair-climbing, elliptical training, and full-stride running in one machine, WITHOUT the horrible impact (To quote my ortho, “You have massive, powerful legs…and SHITTY little knees.”) A full review will follow.

Also, kudos to SHIPBIKES.COM! These folks take quite a bit of the pain out of bicycle shipping, offering multiple levels of materials at different price points. My favorite is the eBike, which costs $40, but which gets around oversize shipping rates. But if you’re shipping something for yourself, splurge and get the Air Caddy, which barely requires any disassembly at all; just clip the fork in, tie it all down, and go. Your bike looks like a big piece of pie. Sure, there are cheaper ways to go, but who wants a mangled Moots?

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