FOR SALE Wheels! Part Two!

Okay, it’s part TWO of the wheel sale!

SOLD! Shimano Dura-Ace tubeless clincher wheelset (WH-7801-SL) SOLD!
EDIT: I have just been made aware that these wheels are not WH-7850-SL, but in fact WH-7801-SL. I was under the impression that the 7850 was the first iteration of the tubeless-compatible wheel set, which was in error. The difference is apparently in spoke nipple placement, as the 7801 is trued from the hub and the 7850 is trued from the rim. This change was made to suit the pro mechanics who were adjusting the wheels before every race. Additionally, the lacing pattern on the rear wheel is different, with a 2-cross on the drive side compared to the radial and 2-cross mix on the 7801. Otherwise, they’re very similar wheels, with many suggesting the 7801 is a stiffer wheel.
Weight: approx 1470g
Spokes: 16 front (radial), 20 rear, radial drive-side, 2-cross non-drive)
Hubs: Shimano Dura-Ace 7850
Compatibility: definitely 10-speed or less (with spacer). I am unsure about upgrade paths to 11-speed.
Skewers: none
Condition: Very good+. No scuffs or scrapes.These are tubeless compatible and are currently rigged tubeless with the Hutchison tires and tubeless stems. I would recommend new tires, though. These may be a little dry. (Note: I love these wheels and am keeping a set for myself. It’s hard to improve on these.)
SOLD! Price: $250 shipped in Continental US. SOLD!

Mavic Paris Roubaix SSC / Chris King RED tubular wheelset
Spokes: 36 front and rear (3-cross)
Hubs: Chris King Classic hubs, RED
Compatibility: Shimano/SRAM 7/8/9/10-speed
Skewers: included matching Chris King skewers
Condition: Very good+. No scuffs or scrapes. Some light marking on brake track anodization. Decals are sturdy. These are the 1990s redux of the Mavic Paris Roubaix SSC rims, and yes, they are genuine. Veloflex tubulars currently glued should still have quite a bit of life in them, but this sale is for the wheelset…the tires are just a bonus and are not warrantied. I recommend that you remove and reglue them for your own peace of mind. These wheels have <1000 miles on them, none of them racing. Price: $550 shipped in Continental US.

Topolino Revelation II AC29 clincher wheelset (29mm alloy aero rim with carbon aero spokes)
Spokes: 30 carbon through-hub spokes rear (mixed pattern), 24 carbon through-hub spokes front (2-cross); these are Topolino’s aero-profile, through-hub spokes. The spokes are carbon/fiberglass and terminate at each side of the rim, not at the hub. This is Topolino’s selling point.
Hubs: Topolino
Compatibility: Shimano/SRAM 10-speed
Skewers: included matching skewers
Condition: Very good+. No scuffs or scrapes. Little marking on braking surface. Decalas are very sturdy and intact. I kept these as everyday wheels on the Roark that I kept at my office (the one I just sold, actually). Thus, very, very low mileage….I INTENDED to ride often from my office and just never actually DID. These are some freaky-looking wheels, but I found them quite stiff and responsive…more so than most of the “normal” wheelsets I have owned and a lot stiffer than most of the ultralight carbon wheels. I’d trust them on anything, under any size rider. They’re bulletproof. The Continental GP4000 tires are probably useful, but as always, they’re just included for you to determine.
Price: $350 shipped in Continental US.

Fulcrum Racing Zero clincher wheelset, RED
Spokes: 16 front aero (radial), 21 rear aero (radial and 2-cross)
Hubs: Fulcrum
Compatibility: Shimano/SRAM 10-speed (Campagnolo and 11-speed bodies are available from Fulcrum)
Skewers: included Fulcrum skewers
Condition: Awesome. I hate getting rid of these, but I don’t have a THING that they look good on, anymore. They’re so very, very RED, and that alone is good enough for an extra 20 watts, right? These are some crazy-stiff clinchers. The decals are sturdy and undamaged. They have almost no miles on them, as they were mostly just hanging out here for the past few years, waiting for something cool to hang them onto. Put these on your race bike and ride the HELL out of them, please! Before I change my mind.
Price: $650 shipped in Continental US.




















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