Rest week

Weight: 233.4 pounds (105.9 Kg)
Resting HR: 54 bpm
Resting BP: 106/66
FTP: 190 Watts (estimated from current numbers in WKO+)
VO2MAX: 40.1 mL/Kg/min (based solely on weight loss)

It’s a rest week…or a rest-couple-of-days…and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve come home and fallen asleep on the couch every night this week, so far. Luckily, I have to get back to training today. I’ll be moving into a couple of days of 4×8 Threshold intervals, which I’m looking forward to, but with a little nervousness. I’ve done FTP work, of course, but this promises to be an intense couple of workouts.

I’m happy to see my VO2MAX move into the 40s. This number is based solely on the weight-loss and the prior test, so there’s nothing else being taken into account, and I didn’t TEST to get this number. I feel stronger and people are telling me that I look thinner; that’s a good side effect of the training. I’m still a sack of stuffing, next to a CYCLIST, but perhaps it’s “diet stuffing” rather than the full-fat-and-carbs everyone would rather eat.

I was fortunate to install SRAM Red ETAP on a training bike, and will be riding it with a review forthcoming. First impression, though….WOW…this stuff is the future. Still:

1. The comparative slowness of shifting that has been reported by others DOES exist, but it’s not sluggish. It’s just not as fast as a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 group that’s been setup correctly. I will be trying the ETAP group with a Shimano cassette and chain, which I have heard improves the shifting. That said, it’s not BAD. It’s FAST. But then, I grew up with six-speed friction shifters.
2. The installation is EASY. You setup the derailleurs in a pairing-mode, then click the shifters. Done.
3. I don’t know how long the batteries last, nor how long they take to charge, though I have heard the charge is considerably shorter than that of Di2. Will report on this.
4. GRIPE: There are TWO batteries, and ONE charger included. Being a little weird about batteries (ever had a camera battery go out of production?), I bought two extra batteries and another charger. The power supply has two USB ports just for this purpose, so SRAM was clearly thinking about this issue, but requiring you to purchase another charger was just too appealing.
5. If you have Etap, people will ask, “Are the brakes wireless, too?” Heh.

I’m going to put my feet up. See you on the road!