66 Pounds

Weight: 227.8 pounds (103.33kg)
Body Fat: 29.1%
VO2MAX (calculated): 40.96 ml/kg/min

Imagine a 50-pound bag of salt, dog food, sand, whatever. Now add 20% or so MORE to that bag. Now imagine that bike strapped to your bike as you go off on a ride. Lots of fun, yes?

I had a BOD Pod body composition test, today, thanks to the Florida State University Fitness and Movement Clinic. The BOD Pod is an Air Displacement Plethysmography device, which measures mass and volume of the test subject to determine the subject’s density. From this, determinations about body composition can be made (more about this in Cosmed’s Paper, Air Displacement Plethysmography). It’s an interesting system that promises greater accuracy with fewer chances for error compared to skin-fold caliper, Dual-Energy X-Ray, and the old “dunk tank.”

Thus, today, I was very accurately told that I am FAT. To be precise, I have 66 pounds of FAT hanging off my 6’3″ frame.

To be fair, one needs a bit of fat, to cushion one’s organs, to regulate body temperature, as energy stores…no fat is a ludicrous proposition. However, pro cyclists see body fat ranges of 5.5-7%, a far cry from the 29.1% that I am lugging about. Humans need at least 2-5% body fat, and 10% is a good, fit amount for a non-professional to carry, so realistically, I’m carrying around at least 43 pounds of crap that I don’t need.

This is the point where the fat-acceptance SJWs step in and start squealing, and if I were one, I’d be raving about my progress while shoring up my ego about being happy with myself. I am happy with what has happened, so far, I admit, but I have a long way to go. My next goal is sub-100kg (<220 lbs), at 215 pounds. That's an arbitrary October 2016 goal, and I'm projecting I'll make it at day 110 (this is day 41 on my chart); that's around August 10th. This assumes a linear fit to the curve, and that I won't come across some motivational or biological plateau. (Most things in nature seem to fit natural logarithms, and things that aren't...bother me.) And 215 pounds is still 22 pounds away from the 193 pounds I’d need to way at 15% body fat.

But the point of the exercise is not weight-loss. I need to be faster. I need to be faster, fitter, and more capable on the bike. And, in a sport where power-to-weight ratio is everything, I can only increase power or decrease weight. I’m trying to do both.