FOR SALE: 1983 Pogliaghi 58.5 x 57.5 – $1200 shipped

One of my favorite bikes, this Pogliaghi was built around the time of Sante Pogliaghi’s departure from the marque. The bike was originally finished in black and chrome and the 80’s Pogliaghi livery, but was refinished in the classic scheme by Noah Rosen at Velocolour. There’s nothing in particular wrong with this bike; I have simply replaced it with one that is a bit larger and custom-painted by Cyclart to duplicate an interesting 1986 scheme from Bicycle Guide. (See my blog.)

The serial number is on the lower headtube and placed it somewhere around 81-83 in the sequential production list. Unfortunately, it was over-coated when the refinishing was done. (Yeah, I know.)

This bike was also photographed and described in this thread:

The bottom bracket is ITALIAN threaded.
The bike requires a QUILL stem.
The bike requires a BRAZE-ON front derailleur.
The bike has DOWNTUBE SHIFTER BRAZE-ONS, but adapters fit fine.
Rear spacing is 126mm, but 130mm hubs fit easily.

Bike is clean and rust-free. There are two spots of paint rub, one on the left chainstay, and the other between the shift braze-ons on the downtube. I have tried to photograph them accurately.

Sale includes:
Pogliaghi frame and fork
Chris King headset
Bottle cage

Seat-tube: 58.5cm C-to-C
Top-tube: 57.5cm C-to-C
Headtube: 17.5cm

I’m a bike guy. I know how to ship bikes and I want you to be happy!