Where's the website? Due to some issues with the hosting and authentication services, OldFartCycling.org's content has disappeared! But not to worry, it was archived and comparatively safe, here on my local drive. With the switch from WordPress to Joomla!, the blog will reappear as I move the old posts over in the coming weeks. It's a bit of work, but I'm excited to work in the new content management system and to take on a new challenge...video!

I will be posting training and informational videos, here and on YouTube. My intentions are to educate and inspire other middle-aged athletes and to provide a voice for those of us who might not fit the traditional view of competitive endurance athletes.

On the cycling front, things have been busy since February. I began training in earnest, with the spectre of my 50th birthday looming, and the realization that, if I want to race bicycles again, I have to do it now. While I don't have a lot of family support, I am blessed to have a small group of friends who sincerely love cycling and who support me through invitations to ride and a willingness to listen to my excited stories of small goals and accomplishments.

I am now a Level 3 USAC Cycling Coach! I have been encouraged to put my one superpower...my ability to research and collate...to good use. There are selfish reasons, of course; the more I learn, the more you inspire me, the more I am motivated to pursue my own goals. It's a win-win!

Current weight: 211 pounds last week, right at 96 kilos. I've been bouncing between 211 and 214 for the past couple of weeks, a plateau that I've been expecting since starting at 236 pounds in February. This weight also corresponds to my low in 2018. It's time to ratchet up the training stress.

Current FTP: 227 Watts. While I am due to test in the next week, this is an estimate derived from WKO. It feels about right, putting me at around 2.36 Watts/Kg