I considered my current fitness--or LACK of it--for some time as I began base training in February. 235 pounds and an FTP of 185 Watts wasn't something to be proud of, and the past two or three years of hard training only lasted for 12 weeks at a time before I was burnt out and distracted. In February, the North Florida cycling season was already upon me, and there was no way to consider doing anything serious during the Spring. So, I didn't. I PLANNED to not do anything serious for the entirety of 2019. Sure, there may be some rides here and there, but there are no "A" races (just SAYING that sounds funny), no "B" races, nothing with a desired goal. This year will be one, big cycle of base and build.

Entering week 16, I feel different about training. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I feel like training is becoming a part of me, as though it's making me something different than what I've been for the past 30 years that I've been riding.