Give a nerd a little money and he'll bury himself in stuff.

I'm a cycling nerd...nay, enthusiast.

To that end, I've finally built this 1994 Serotta Coors Light Colorado Concept titanium bike. It's not to-spec; I've gone with a Campagnolo Athena 11-speed group and modern wheels for a contemporary functionality. It is a replica bike, I think, so I'm not as interested in piecing together a pile of new-old-stock components and prefer, instead, to make it a rider. Cockpit is Nitto, wheels are Velo Orange with White Industries hubs. 

It's an interesting example of the changing tide of bike construction during the early 1990s. Titanium frame with variable tube shapes (the Colorado Concept seat tube, for instance, flares from 26mm to 36mm at the bottom bracket), and a composite fork, albeit with an alloy steerer. It wasn't long before the carbon bike, already a contender in the major tours, became the everyday bike for most riders in World Tour teams as well as for daily riders across the world.

More photos and information to come, as I take it on its maiden trip in its new shoes.