Nice wheels with no miles. Don't ask...I do things like this.

$350 and shipping gets you a set of as-new Carver C38 (38mm) carbon wheels with Novatec hubs and an 11-speed Shimano freehub. PLUS...I'll throw in the Challenge Strada 25 tires. I generally do a great job of gluing tubulars, but I recommend re-doing the gluing for your own peace of mind.

Rim width is 23mm.

Skewers ARE included.

Again, these have NO miles on either the wheels or the tires. Basically, they were built up for a project that never quite transpired.

Shipping in the CONUS is usually around $30. I'll get you the actual figures. Paypal, check, or other funds are fine. We can work that out on the phone.