What’s Michael riding today?

Trek Domane SLR

I went for YEARS without a Trek…probably something to do with working for Schwinn. I never thought they were BAD bikes, but they were so commonplace around my hometown of Albany, Georgia, that I just never bought one. Big mistake. Trek makes some of the best bikes available. My 2016 Domane SLR (Project One, of course) is simply astounding. I’m just sorry that we don’t have a few hundred miles of pave around to really go Roubaix with it.

Time Fluidity Aktiv

Another one of my dream bikes. What can I say? I’m a bit of a Francophile.

Calfee Bamboo

Argonaut Spacebike

Zanconato Road32

Mike Zanconato is a great builder, and a really personable guy, to boot. Of late, he’s become quite popular with the custom and boutique crowd, and his work is impeccable. I commissioned him to build this, a disc-braked road bike with electronic shifting and room for 32mm tires. The result is a truly-beautiful and truly-capable machine…truly the PERFECT BIKE.

She’s sporting a Shimano Ultegra Di2 11-speed group, Dura Ace pedals, Ritchey Classic cockpit, and White Industries/Velocity Dyad wheels with Challenge Strada Bianca tires. The paint is a metallic copper and I’ve yet to take a photo that accurately represents it.

And yes, she’s just as smooth an easy a ride as you’d expect.


Dave Kirk Terraplane
In 2009, I received my Kirk Terraplane with a surprise paint job. When you tell Joe Bell to “go for it,” sometimes you end up with polka dots. I did. And for a time, I loved it, but there was always something itching in the back of my mind…something that kept me from truly appreciating it. I guess it didn’t go FAR ENOUGH. When I was a student of architecture, I received a criticism from a design teacher that a particular project didn’t “go far enough.” To be a truly great design, you have to commit to it, you have to embrace it, you have to complete it. The polka dots were an almost-design to me. Great idea, but really not ENOUGH to pull off the idea.

So, I sent the bike to Noah Rosen at Velocolour. Noah, Suzanne, and I talked about Mondrian, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and other designers of the early 20th century. This is their interpretation.

Moots Vamoots DR
Usually mounted on the trainer at my office, the Moots Vamoots DR is the successor to the original Moots Vamoots SL that I purchased second-hand. It’s an amazing bike, it’s probably unfortunate that it’s stuck on a Wahoo Kickr. Wide tires and the perfect titanium frame…one of the best bikes every made.

1985 Pogliaghi Strada
When you find a Pogliaghi that fits you, you keep it. Oddly, this is my SECOND Pog, probably built around 1983-1985 by Basso, rechromed and refinished by the EXCELLENT CyclArt in San Diego. The November 1986 Bicycle Guide magazine had a wonderful article about a Pogliaghi in this very paint scheme. When sent photos and a query, they replied, “No problem!” This is the bike that made me want to get into cycling. This is the bike that I always wanted.


Black Sheep Bikes Darkness 36er

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